BJP targeted Nitish

Patna The BJP has launched a scathing attack on Nitish Kumar after he broke away from the NDA and staked claim to form the government with the RJD. BJP and its old ally Chirag Paswan have also targeted Nitish. BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal said that in the next elections, the people of the state will teach a lesson to Nitish Kumar. Chirag Paswan challenged Nitish to contest the election alone and said that if he has the courage, then he should go in the election now. The BJP also called a meeting of the core committee to consider the latest developments.

Later BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad attacked Nitish Kumar by holding a press conference. He said that Nitish Kumar talks of communalism today but when he came with the BJP, the Ram Janmabhoomi movement was at its peak. Ravi Shankar Prasad also said that the leaders of Nitish Kumar’s party were also not in favor of projecting him for the post of Chief Minister, but BJP also put pressure on a big leader like George Fernandez to project Nitish’s name.

Earlier, Sanjay Jaiswal said- We fought the 2020 assembly elections together under NDA. The mandate was for JDU and BJP. We had won more seats but made Nitish Kumar the CM. Whatever has happened today is a betrayal with the people of Bihar and the BJP. Union minister and BJP leader Ashwini Choubey has termed Nitish Kumar as an opportunist after resigning from the chief minister’s post after parting ways with the NDA and said those who cheated Bihar wanted to put obstacles in the path of its development.

Chirag Paswan has become fully active with the separation of Nitish Kumar from the NDA. He said- I had warned before the assembly elections that Nitish Kumar can turn back anytime after the elections. Paswan said- If anyone in Bihar knows Nitish Kumar best, then that man is me. Due to his arrogance, the state has suffered badly. Chirag challenged that if Nitish Kumar has the courage, then he should go towards the elections. Nitish Kumar always and by any means wants to eat the cream of power.

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