BJP-JDU distance has increased a little more

There is a ruckus on the statement of BJP National President JP Nadda. He said in a meeting of his party’s fronts in Patna that all parties would be destroyed and only BJP would be left. He also said that all regional parties would be destroyed. His statement was reacted by the Janata Dal-U, an ally of the BJP, before the Rashtriya Janata Dal, the largest regional party in Bihar. Its spokesperson Neeraj Kumar has said that only regional parties will survive in a democracy. Later, veteran opposition leader Shivanand Tiwari has said that democracy will end if only one party survives. This statement of Nadda and the controversy that has arisen against him before that has increased the distance between the two parties.

BJP leaders allege that the Bihar Police deliberately ignored the information and did not stop the activists of the Left student organization AISA, when those students surrounded JP Nadda and raised slogans and surrounded his car. It was only after that gherao and demonstration that Nadda gave the statement of the end of all the parties. It is also being told that in the meeting of the seven fronts of the party, the preparations for the BJP to fight on two hundred seats have been discussed.

Along with this, there is no less discussion of Nitish Kumar’s corona. It is being told that his health deteriorated on 23-24 July and corona infection was confirmed on 26 July. But even before that, JDU leaders had indicated that on July 30-31, when BJP President JP Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are in Patna, Nitish will not meet them. However, BJP leaders were hoping for a meeting. But due to Corona, the meeting did not take place. Before that Nitish neither attended the oath ceremony of the new President nor did he attend the farewell of the old President.

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