BJP in the posture of a winner on the reservation of backward

Bhopal, In the matter of giving reservation to the backward classes in the elections of three-tier Panchayati Raj and urban bodies in the state, there have been so many twists from the road to the House to the High Court to the Supreme Court that both the parties BJP and Congress got tired of giving facts and facts. The time came that it was ordered to hold elections without OBC reservation, but BJP made a last effort to hold elections with 14% reservation and the party is celebrating in the form of a winner, while the Congress is still in such a situation with the backwards. Telling cheating. After so many ups and downs, now only the OBC class will be able to tell which party has given it.

In fact, it is many times more difficult to implement it than it is easy to declare anything. Both the parties, BJP and Congress have made many promises from time to time regarding the reservation of backward classes in the state, but with great difficulty only 14 percent reservation could be obtained because if more reservation is given, then the total reservation will be more than 50%. Which cannot be done according to the Supreme Court.

However, on Wednesday, the BJP celebrated in the state office in a festive atmosphere as the Supreme Court gave its decision to conduct elections with 14% reservation, whereas a week ago, the Supreme Court had ordered to conduct elections without reservation and since then both The same parties were blaming each other and the leaders of the ruling party BJP were saying this continuously. Elections will not be held without OBC reservation and under this, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan went to Delhi with ministers Narottam Mishra and Bhupendra Singh and after discussion with legal experts applied for modification and provided necessary documents and also agreed. It was taken that there would be no more than 50% reservation and on this condition only 14% reservation could be given and that was given by the Supreme Court.

That is why the BJP is excited that elections were being held without reservation for OBCs, it is better that elections will be held with 14% reservation, while the opposition Congress is accusing the BJP of this too. He did not provide the necessary documents to the Supreme Court on time and cheated the backward class that elections would be held on only 14% reservation whereas the Congress party was in favor of 27% OBC reservation and has been demanding this continuously. BJP had also demanded 35% reservation, but both these demands were not fitting on the ground of reality. On fulfillment of these demands, coal reservation would have gone up to 70%, which would have been contrary to the guidelines of the Supreme Court, that is why as soon as giving 14% reservation within 50% of the total reservation, it was not going to be a problem for the OBC category. The court gave the verdict.

Overall, what could have happened and what was needed has been done, but there is still a round of accusations and counter-allegations among the political parties. On the other hand, the State Election Commission is busy in rapid election preparations. Elections can be announced anytime and now only OBC category will tell which party did what for it. Parties have one more chance that they can give 27% or more tickets to OBC category. Which both have announced.

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