BJP has hope of victory in scorching heat

The victory or defeat of one seat in the seventy-seat Delhi Assembly may not make any difference to the ruling party and the opposition, but the AAP and the BJP are trying their best to win this seat in Rajendra Nagar. The time period for the by-elections may be far away, but the BJP seems to be suiting this time of scorching heat according to the election. And only then has he left the candidate and started gearing up for the election preparations, or rather, the BJP is first preparing for the procession and the groom will decide later. But AAP is a little different from this. Regarding the preparation, where the BJP has fixed the responsibility of the three divisions of the assembly by fixing the mandal in-charge in Indrapuri, Narayana and Rajendra Nagar. Similarly, adding new names in the list of in-charge of the assembly is also considered a sign of early elections.

In the meeting held on Sunday, the responsibility of the MP of the area has been fixed, it is obvious that the effect of the election should also affect the future politics of the MP. Now even if it is said that the heat suits the BJP more in terms of elections, then how can there be any objection to it? Party leaders know that many efforts of the BJP in front of the scheme of free water-electricity of the AAP, which is sitting in power in Delhi, will prove to be unsuccessful, but due to the shortage of electricity and water these days, BJP will be able to make it an election issue. Now, who makes the BJP candidate in this by-election, it is a matter of fact that even those who know that they cannot win the election at any cost are desperate to contest the elections.

Some of the contenders are asking for their rights by pasting posters on the walls, while some are claiming by pasting posters that they are not even asking for tickets and apart from them there are those claimants who are trying to sabotage the hope of getting tickets to their opponents. Have been trying. It is a matter of fact that the former MLAs of the AAP party are expressing their claim, have increased their activism and are getting the welcome done, but at the same time, the reputation is also considered better, but the organization is not visible with them and this discussion is going on. MLA-turned-MP Raghav Chadda wants someone from his family to contest the election. If there are more claimants, then it is possible that the party may put a stamp on this initiative of Raghav. Now so much effort of BJP and this crowd of leaders and workers will be able to make their candidate win or else AAP’s seats in the assembly will remain intact. That’s what the wait is for.

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