BJP getting entangled in the web of castes

Bhopal, The phase of decline in Madhya Pradesh BJP which started to be felt 10 years ago is now being heard by the deaf and visible to the blind. Once the megalomaniacs of factional caste, regionalism, individual worship were in the Congress, now they have gripped the BJP to the top. Concerned over this, even a common worker of BJP is seeing the crushing defeat in the urban elections as proof. Due to factionalism at the higher level, winds of change in the organization and government are blowing every month. The special thing is that instead of stopping the news spreading instability, it is given air. There is no one to see, neither to hear nor to stop. Everyone seems to be having fun. We have seen all this happening in Congress before. The result was that from 2003 to 15 years 2018, the people and workers did not even leave the Congress to be enjoyed.

By forgetting the power of harmony and discipline of its organization, BJP is getting entangled in the web of caste till its neck. The central leadership is serious about reaching out to tribals and OBCs. On the other hand, after the Pritam Lodhi expulsion controversy in the state, the BJP seems to be falling in the trap of Brahmins against OBCs. If not handled, it will have far-reaching consequences. Congress and their leader Digvijay Singh have already called BJP as Bania Jain party during Thackeray-Patwa, Kailash Joshi era. Team Kushabhau Thackeray had to take very careful decisions to prove this comment wrong.

BJP under Scindia’s favor…

The BJP, which came to power due to the rebellion of Jyotiraditya Scindia Maharaj, is buried under his benevolence. Therefore, there is more generosity towards his supporters. They all owe less to Scindia than to the organization. A grateful BJP seems to forget its cadre and culture. BJP’s Gwalior defeat in the municipal elections has proved that the workers are not happy with it. Even in the letters of the BJP organization, words like Scindia faction have started being used. This does not happen even in Congress. The pro-Scindia ministers and leaders give any importance to Scindia instead of the organization and the government, the condition is that if any minister has any complaint, he complains to Scindia Maharaj instead of writing a letter to the Chief Minister or State President in this regard. His statements regarding the working style of the pro-Scindia ministers and the Chief Secretary are raising questions on both the BJP and the government. With Vindhya Mahakaushal, the BJP is weakening in Bundelkhand as well. Instead of counting votes by caste and class, the Congress defeated the BJP after 31 years in a village in the Vindhya region, where it won 24 out of 30 seats in the last assembly election. But now the situation is getting worse due to the neglect of this area in the organization and the government. The long story of lack of coordination, balance and dialogue between the party and power led to the 2018 party being voted out of power. Then the Kamal Nath government formed by garnering a majority, the lack of communication and the neglect and neglect of the ministers to the workers has brought the Congress on the road. The Congress, which is considered weak, is now moving very seriously under the leadership of Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh. The Congress does not need to work very hard in whatever is happening because the work being done in the BJP has increased the chances of the Congress getting ahead. The future situation is very worrying.

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