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birthday special: kk sang in the last moment – ‘Meri Raahne Bye, Meri Sansa Goode’

Shubhalakshmi was further asked this question that KK was telling that turn off the bright light, sweating, feeling very hot, need a big towel, in between performances, he is adjacent to the stage, resting in the artist room. Were? Wasn’t that enough?’ On this Shubhlakshmi said, yes this is true, but we were also saying that it is very hot, often we also ask to change the direction of the bright light while performing, dim it or turn it off, feeling tired. But they also go for some rest in between, from this it is not known that their health is bad. With the zeal with which he was singing, he could not even dream of health. Rumors are also rising that the students pushed to get closer to him, harassed the head, etc., while this thing is absolutely wrong. Sir Nazrul had told the organizers even before reaching the stage that if a crowd came around him, he would not get down from his car at all and would return, so when KK Sir’s car entered, the organizers made the crowd complete. And then, when he was on stage there was a lot of security, no one was allowed to go near him, far from talking, there was a huge gap between the audience and KK sir. Security was tight. Once the one who enters inside the auditorium is not allowed to go out without permission, the gate is kept closed like this there. No outsider was allowed to enter KK Sir’s green room as well. Because I was also performing on the same stage, so when I asked for permission to meet him, only I was allowed inside. When I went to the green room, sir greeted me with a laugh, looking very fit and fresh, I wanted to touch his feet, so he did not let me touch his feet, he blessed me in the same way. We talked for sometime, knowing my name Shubhalaxmi, he felt that I am South Indian like him, I told him that I am Bengali, he wished me all the best for my evening stage show. From his words, from the happy expression of his face, from his enthusiasm, it did not seem for a moment that within a few hours this person would go away from this world. Even at this time I am not able to believe that my meeting with him will remain as the first and last. I requested him to take a photo while walking and he happily agreed. That picture was his last picture taken that day, after that he did not take a single picture with anyone.
To disperse the crowd, fire extinguishers were used extensively, which contain B2 which absorbs oxygen, could this also have worsened KK’s health? On this question also, Shubh Lakshmi told directly, ‘It is outside the hall, not inside. There was no hustle and bustle inside, everyone was sitting comfortably, some people were standing at the back. Sir had made a list of twenty songs, his last farewell song is ‘Hum Rahe or Na Rahe Kal, Tomorrow will remember this moment, this moment is love, walk with me, think what a small life is, if you meet tomorrow’ Will be lucky, ‘Tomorrow we live or not, we will remember this moment’. And ‘Meri Raahne Alvida, Meri Sanse Kehte Hain Alvida’ is taking everyone by surprise today, ‘Destiny as everyone knowingly decorated their last farewell songs from their mouths like this. Thinking about it, I cry again and again.


Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at youthistaan.com Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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