Big change going to happen in Indian Army, now soldiers will work for only 3 years, recruitment process will change

New Delhi | Indian Army: The Narendra Modi government of the country is going to make a big change soon regarding the process of recruitment in the Indian Army. Under which the soldiers will be addressed as ‘Agniveer’ and the soldiers will retire from the army after only 3 years of service. After this they will be able to give their services in civil sector jobs. The government is coming up with ‘Agneepath Pravesh Yojana’ for this process. Significantly, ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, many changes have been seen in the Indian Army. The Modi government is constantly trying to increase India’s military strength. From equipping the soldiers with modern weapons, full attention is also being paid to their security arrangements. In this sequence, the Modi government is now taking a step towards another big change.

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Senior officers of the three services agreed
Indian Army: According to the report regarding the major changes being made in the army, senior officers of the three armies of India have given a presentation of this new recruitment process and rules and fully agree with it. In such a situation, the Government of India has also agreed to this.

indian army jammu kashmir

indian army jammu kashmir

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Work started about 2 years ago
Indian Army: Work on the planning of this new process of soldier recruitment started about 2 years ago. According to the report, there will be a few more meetings between the army officers and the central government on this new recruitment process, in which it will be carefully considered and implemented later.

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