Bhimrao and Ramabai will stand against the society for widow remarriage

Atharv, playing the role of young Bhimrao says, “Dr. BR Ambedkar was one of the biggest proponents of women’s empowerment. He had prepared the way for the salvation of women. She strongly supported women’s rights in India and also made some laws for the safety and well-being of women officers. In 1920 Babasaheb banned funeral practices related to widows. He then came up with the “Hindu Code Bill”, which was a declaration of women’s rights to property, maintenance of property, marriage, divorce, adoption, minority and protection. Speaking further, Narayani Mahesh Varne, playing the character of Ramabai, says, “Referring to Babasaheb’s famous quote, ‘Unity is meaningless without the support of women. Education has no fruit without educating women. The movement is incomplete without the power of women. Dr. Ambedkar acted as a medium in shaping the rights of women. Earlier, women were victims and they had to face many social problems like domestic violence, exploitation of widows, remarriage of widows. Babasaheb not only raised his voice against these practices and made women aware of their rights, but also made a provision in the constitution that women should be treated equally. The provision of equality of women was for every field, be it education, employment or social and economic rights. It is the result of Babasaheb’s legal reforms that in today’s era women not only know about their rights, but are also self-reliant.

Sahil Kothari

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