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Bhagyashree’s condition was on this position on honeymoon

Bhagyashree: Famous actress of Bollywood industry, Bhagyashree has worked in more than one superhit films in her career. Bhagyashree is considered a well-known actress of Bollywood. Bhagyashree had made a place in the hearts of people from her very first film. Bhagyashree started her career with the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. Salman Khan was seen with Bhagyashree in this film. Bhagyashree is married to Himalaya Dasani. The relationship of both has been more than 32 years. Bhagyashree always avoids shooting romantic scenes.

Were left sweating while shooting romantic scenes


Bhagyashree did romantic scenes in actor Sameer Soni’s film ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhe’. During this, the actress faced a lot of difficulty in shooting romantic scenes with actor Sameer Soni. Once Sameer Soni narrated an anecdote related to this film. Sameer told that he had to do a honeymoon scene with Bhagyashree in the 2001 film ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhe Se’. Sameer told that when Sameer used to go near him during the shooting of romantic scenes, Bhagyashree used to go away from him. Sameer revealed, “We were shooting a love scene and she was playing the role of a blind girl. This was the scene of a honeymoon i.e. wedding night. Our director had created a beautiful frame near the window under the moon.”

Sameer is my little boy

Sameer told that, “When I would go near her, she would back away again and again. I was wondering what’s the problem, plus, she was blind how did she know I was getting close to her? After which Bhagyashree said don’t take it personally from Sameer but I have small kids what will he think if he sees me like this. Sameer said that I respect your decision and you tell this to the director.

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