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The Shahbaz Sharif government is considered a friend of America. But the situation is probably not such that he should play this friendship at the cost of China. Now soon she will have to choose who is her priority between these two.

There is a possibility of getting crushed in the confrontation of the super powers of Pakistan. Pakistan was once considered a country of the American camp. Later, when China’s power increased, it was considered in its camp. There is a general public sentiment in Pakistan that China is such a friend, who has come in handy for Pakistan in every crisis. Despite this, there has been a strong American lobby in the country. The lobby is believed to have played a key role in toppling the then Imran Khan government two months ago, which was moving the country closer to China as well as Russia. The current Shahbaz Sharif government is being considered a friend of America. But his position is probably not such that he can maintain this friendship at the cost of China. However, now soon she will have to choose who is her priority between the two. It is reported that the IMF has clearly told the Pakistan government that if it wants to get the next installments of loans from this institution, then it will have to renegotiate the terms of energy agreements with Chinese companies. There is a need of Pakistan to get loan from IMF immediately. The economy of the country is getting hitched. There is a general understanding that if he does not get foreign exchange soon, then he can go on the way to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the IMF has implicated Fuchar. It has asked Pakistan to treat Chinese companies the same way as other companies. Whereas Chinese companies have built power plants in Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the terms of which were fixed separately. Chinese companies have already turned down requests to reconsider those terms. It is well known that the US has a major influence on the decisions of the IMF. Therefore, the condition of the IMF has been considered as a sign that in the midst of the current economic troubles of Pakistan, America has adopted a strategy to reduce the influence of China there.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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