Best International Travel Destinations Before You Turn 30

Approaching 30, are you? Is it a scary thought? Of course, it is, still so much to do and yet the time is tilting towards the number 30 a little too fast, don’t you think? 30 is not a jinxed age but there’s something about turning 30 that makes you feel as if you’ve lived half of your life (approximately). With this thought comes a sudden realisation that what have you done with this life so far? How much have you seen, how much travelled, and above all, how much of this life has been meaningful?

The point is not to take you to a philosophical route but to make you sit back and think, that if you too fall in the age bracket between 20 and soon approaching 30, then how much of this precious little life have you lived?

The fact is that there is so little in this life that we actually control isn’t it? Situations and events, we don’t have control on but still there are a few decisions, real simple ones that can gives you, well, liberation. One such decision is to travel, being a vagabond.

If the idea of exploring the best of life through travel sounds exciting to you, we have a list of a few astounding international travel destinations you must visit before you turn 30. Read on.

  •  Florence, Italy


Anyone even remotely connected with art knows that Florence in Italy is the birthplace of some of the most celebrated names in the world for its ethereal beauty, astounding architecture, and of course, the happening nightlife. While you’re for sure going to enjoy the raving party scene, don’t forget to indulge in the classic operas and architectural brilliance the city has to offer.

  •  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio de janeiro

 We know what enjoyment means before you turn 30 and that is why there’s no way we are giving the city of Rio de Janeiro a miss.  From beaches to mountains, nightlife and thrilling adventures; Rio has it all. It’s a perfect holiday experience at this age. The people, vibrancy, and diversity will take you by storm. It is overseen by the gigantic Atlantic rainforest and dramatic landscapes which makes it a must-visit.

  •  Cape Town, South Africa

cape town

 This capital city of South Africa has a treasure of delectable cuisines, thoroughly rewarding adventure sports, and natural wonders that will leave you in awe. From Table mountain National Park to Green Point urban Park, there’s no dearth of amazing tourist places to see here. It is especially great for the adventure junkies as it offers amazing options for mountain biking, tandem-paragliding, and an abundance of natural beauty.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa

One of the biggest tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is often considered to be the crown prince of the tourist destinations in the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, both are just an hour away from each other and tourist of all age groups throng the place for vacations, why? It has some of the best ever manmade wonders of the world including the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa wherein you can go to the top and literally see the world beneath you. Take Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai and you can also cover one of the world’s best cities to live in the whole world. An exceptional Dubai holiday is a must before you turn 30.

  •  Maui, Hawaii


 Whatever you’ve heard about Hawaii, it is all true! And if Hawaii is the representation, Maui is its soul. Venture to Maui and experience an adventure sail of a lifetime on an island no less than a paradise. From the hike of dormant Haleakala to the Banyan tree park, its snorkelling tours,  While you’re making your bucket list for the travel destinations before 30, Maui is a place not to be missed out on.

  •  The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

 The largest living structure on earth, the Great Barrier Reef is soon depleting and you may want to be amongst those who have seen and experienced the unbelievable beauty of the same. The world down under the Great barrier Reef is so pious, you won’t ever want to come back to the land of humans. It is as colourful as it can be, and as silent as you can ever imagine. Don’t forget to visit it, the place has a power to transform you.

  •  Leh, India


If there was a place where god would prefer to reside, where would it be? For sure amidst the most beautiful of its creation isn’t it? Take a trek to Leh in India and you’ll know why even the almighty will fall in love with it. It is so pristine, you wouldn’t wish to ever come back. From the snow-clad mountains to the crystal clear turquoise lakes, Leh has the capacity to incapacitate you and make your stay there, forever.

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  • Cairo, Giza


For any traveller an Egyptian trip is always a must. The history, the magnificent pyramids, the oldest monumental sculpture of Great Sphinx , and almost everything you’ve ever learnt about Egypt in textbooks is what you’ll find there. The Egyptian mystery and archaeological brilliance are something that you must not miss to experience before you turn 30.


Travelling is not an activity that you undertake for a vacation. It is for many explorers a kind of liberation and meditation that you undertake to transform you into a better human being, more informed and sorted. As they say, once the wanderlust bug bits you, there’s no looking back. So, what do you say? Has the wanderlust bug bitten you yet? 

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