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Because of this Anupama and Anuj will not stay together

Anupam: These days full drama is going on in the most popular show of television. More than one twist is being shown in this show. For a long time Anupama TV serial was showing the breakup scene of Anuj and Anupama. However, now a new promo has come out in which Anupama and Anuj have become one. The estrangement between the two has also gone away. But still Anupama is not ready to live with Anuj, she has also told the big reason behind it. It was shown in the show that Anuj comes from Mumbai to Ahmedabad for Samar’s wedding but he enters there with Maya. Anupama feels very bad seeing this but still she does not say anything.

Distance between Anuj and Anupama


In the episode, it is shown that Anuj and Anupama are seen spending time and both share their heart to each other. Anuj tearfully tells everything to Anupama and also apologizes. Even after the estrangement is over, Anupama is not ready to live with Anuj. Anuj asks Anupama what next? So Anupama makes it clear that as Anuj chose the path which was open in front of you. By the way, Anupama too has now chosen the path which is open in front of her.

There will be a new twist in the story

When Anuj and Anupama return home, they are asked many questions to which Anupama clarifies that I and Anuj are husband and wife and will always be. We both loved each other always and will love each other but we can’t live with Anuj as I have to go to America for 3 years and Anuj has to take care of Maya and little Anu. There can be a new twist in this story. If Anupama leaves Anuj and goes to America, there will be a big twist in the show.

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