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Gussa Ke Nuksan: If you also get very angry over the matter, then it can prove to be very dangerous for your health. It is natural to express displeasure or anger over something. But if anger comes on the matter and you lose your temper in anger, then this problem can cause life-threatening risks. Not us but the health experts themselves say so.

Many studies have also revealed that in the state of anger, there are some changes in the body and mind of a person, which can lead to problems like heart attack or stroke. Which can prove fatal for the person. In a global study conducted on stroke victims, scientists say that the main reason for stroke is anger. Doctors believe that it is necessary to control anger along with other measures to prevent stroke.

Not only this, in another study, scientists have told that in about two hours after getting angry, a person’s risk of heart attack increases by almost five times and the risk of stroke increases three times. Also, the risk of stroke is up to 30 percent higher in people who are upset due to anger and emotional problems. In such a situation, it is important that you overcome the habit of getting angry unnecessarily. So that there is no bad effect on your health.

Remedies to Control Anger (Gusse Ko Control Karne Ke Upay)

If you also get angry on the matter, then we are going to tell you about some such measures, by which you will be able to keep your anger under control. Also stay away from health risks. So let’s know how to control anger (Gusse Ko Control Karne Ka Tarika)-

Whenever you are angry, start counting down to 10. This will distract your mind and you will be able to control anger easily.

Take long breaths to control anger.

Anger can also be controlled by listening to good songs and doing yoga.

Before reacting quickly in anger, pay attention to what you are saying once. This will break the habit of reacting immediately to everything.

If there is a fight with someone or you are getting disturbed by someone, then move away from that place.

Climbing stairs is also a good way to control anger naturally.

Even if a person is not getting enough sleep continuously, he gets used to getting angry, in such a situation, take full sleep.

In Vastu, dirt is also considered to be the cause of anger, so keep the house clean.

You can also offer Arghya to Surya regularly to control anger. This keeps the mind calm.

NOTE- This news has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and general information, so please consult your doctor before following it.

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