Barabanki News: In Barabanki, a quackery doctor who was applying corona vaccine was arrested, openly collecting money. 1 News Track English

Barabanki News : In Barabanki, a shocking case has come to the fore of a quackery doctor doing covit vaccination. Here a quackery was vaccinating the corona at his shop. On getting information about this, the top officials of the Health Department raided the shop and caught him.

Those cards have also been recovered on the spot, which are given to the people after vaccination. At the same time, Jholachap has also accepted the fact of applying the vaccine and for this he was charging Rs 125 per vaccine. On the other hand, high officials of the Health Department have registered a case against the quackery and the one who delivered the vaccine to the police. After which the police has started investigating the matter.

this is the whole matter

The whole matter is related to Gochaura village of Zaidpur police station area of ​​Barabanki. Where the superintendent of CHC Satrikh, Dr. Sunil Kumar Jaiswal had got information that a quackery, Vijender Kumar treats people in a shop in Gochaura village. He also applies the corona vaccine to the people here.

After which the CHC superintendent along with the team went to the village and investigated it and on confirmation, informed the District Immunization Officer Dr. Rajiv Singh about the matter. On which the District Immunization Officer and CHC Superintendent along with the team raided the shop in the presence of the police force. During this, the fraudster Vijender Kumar was found on the spot.

The officials found several cards at the clinic, including the name and address given to the patient, after inoculating the corona from the shop in the investigation. At the same time, during interrogation, Jholachap has admitted to giving people the corona vaccine. He was charging Rs 125 per vaccine. The officers took Jholachap to Zaidpur Kotwali, where a case has been registered against him.

the hoax was caught

CHC superintendent Dr. Sunil Jaiswal told that the swindler who has been caught for applying Kovid vaccine was charging Rs 125 per vaccine. He has told the jholachap about taking 125 rupees during interrogation.

The CHC superintendent said that during the raid, empty voices of Kovidshield and many cards were found on the spot. In it, it was told in interrogation that a person named Sandeep brings him from Lucknow and gives him the vaccine. A case has been registered with the police. Further action is being taken.

VO- At the same time, Barabanki Superintendent of Police Yamuna Prasad said that a case of corona vaccination of a hoax has come to the fore. The vaccine was given to him by Sandeep, a resident of Lucknow district. From where Sandeep used to get this vaccine, it is not known yet. Officials are engaged in investigation.


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