Australia: If you use deodorant then be careful, body spray took the life of an innocent

A case of death of a girl has come to light in Australia due to body spray

Deodorant is commonly used in all homes. It is used to remove such bad odor from the body in summer. These days deodorant ie body spray is quite popular among the youth. Its use increases in the summer season, but have you ever thought that the body spray that you use so much can also be fatal. You may not believe it after hearing this, but in Australia, a case of death of a girl has come to the fore due to body spray. A girl was found dead on the floor of her house, with a bottle of deodorant in her hand and believed to have died while she was sleeping.

Let us tell you that this mysterious case is from New South Wales, Australia. Where the body of 16-year-old girl Brooke Ryan, a woman named Annie living in Broken Hills with her family, was found lying on the floor of the house. A deodorant and a towel were found on the floor. The girl was a gifted athlete and died in a suspicious condition after inhaling an aerosol following a deadly activity called crowing. It is believed that he had suffered a heart attack. It is believed that the death was caused by a heart attack after inhaling aerosols. According to doctors, it is called ‘chroming’. Brooke’s mother, Annie, believes that Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome is the cause of her death. Actually Brooke was also suffering from anxiety. However, Brooke’s medical and investigation report is yet to come. An Australian schoolteacher had earlier called for a ban on the sale of deodorants to prevent such a situation.

The mother of the deceased girl believes that her daughter died due to sudden onset of snuff disease, although the report has not come yet. At the same time, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, if someone inhales the chemical present in the aerosol spray or solvent for a long time, then it can cause heart attack and many other heart-related problems. It can even kill that person.

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