Australia: Gym craze got heavy, one hand had to be cut

Gabriel McKenna-Liashke, 29, of Adelaide, had been doing gyms for a long time, but once had an accident, the pain of which would last for life.

Nowadays youth fitness has become the most important. Many new hobbies are seen in the youth, one of them is the passion of gym. Its craze has gone up so much that to keep themselves fit, people sweat profusely in the gym for hours. However, some youngsters become so obsessed with the gym that they start exercising more than their capacity. This is not only harmful for them but also causes many big problems. One such case has come to the fore recently.

According to the information, 29-year-old Gabriel McKenna-Lyashke, a resident of Adelaide, Australia, had been doing gym for a long time, but once such an accident happened to him, whose pain will remain for life. In fact, in the month of November of 2020, during a gym session, exercised with a dumbbell of 50 kg. But his right bicep tendon was broken due to excess weight. Due to which they are also facing many problems. According to Gabriel, when he was taken to the hospital, he was not given antibiotics during the operation, due to which his hand became red and swollen over the next 3 days. They showed that the skin on his hands had begun to rot and spread to his shoulders and chest. For all these reasons, Gabriel was again admitted to the hospital.

Thereafter, tests revealed that he had a bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis. As a result that affects the muscles under the skin and the surrounding organs. He went into a coma because of the sedation. Doctors performed 11 operations in 10 days. In the end, Gabriel’s hand had to be amputated below the shoulder to prevent infection. Gabriel did not lose courage even after all these troubles. Although Gabriel is fine now, he has to spend his life with one hand. He is now aiming to compete in the 2024 Paralympics in France in which he will compete in track cycling.

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