At night, the city sleeps – or does it?

What a rider seeks in life is a picture of himself, and the road chosen to get there is what makes the difference.

Forget about material things, they are just fillers

It’s all about the journey and being its rightful storyteller

Find a story to tell


In a fast-moving world, that never seems to stop

Don’t worry about matching paces, just take a pause

Get on with the journey and find the right cause.

They say it’s only the start of a journey that decides its end

Be it alone or with a friend

What lasts is the light, no matter the darkness’s descend

Be the light of the night whilst on a journey with Pulsar N250.

What is it that a rider sees on empty roads?

Is it just emptiness or a myriad of opportunities to reach the haven of dreams?

Is it all in how he perceives things in life?


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