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Aryan: The essence of Modi Raj!

Shah Rukh Khan and his lamb Aryan are synonymous with India today. That India, in whose mental state the meaning of human dignity, human rights, truth is lost. The difference between animal and man is exhausted. Because the life of the nation is transformed into that animal form, in which the human mind, dignity, culture and sensibility are all lost. There are many enclosures in Animal Farm, but India is living in four enclosures of the year 2022. One, the enclosure of 80-100 crore people insensible by the donation of Roti-salt-thousand-two thousand rupees. Two, the enclosure of those anti-nationals, seculars, Pakistanis, whose oppression has votes and is the target of power. Three, that sovereign class of rulers-devotees, who made Lutyens’ Delhi into Langur Delhi, where the idea of ​​governance-corruption is the fabric of underworld governance, animal extortion and vulture folk. As a result, the fragmented, frightening and helpless future of Mother India and her children is certain. Democracy show. Institutions – the tools of the underworld of lathi rule. Thoughts, debates, intelligence, human dignity are all on the peg so that Indians do not have any conscience left about what is true and what is false! After these three enclosures, the fourth one belongs to those people, who once dreamed of the eternal life of truth, human dignity of the modern man, intellect, understanding of the middle class, but now back from the DNA of fear and helplessness in that Hindu tendency. Time is passing that ‘Hoihe soi jo ram rachi rakha’ or ‘Kou nrup hoi hamai ka loss’!


Really, you also find in the present and independent India and known Indian history of 195 countries of the world that when and where the country of humans was transformed into a country of vultures? We Hindus have experienced the story of Ravana-Duryodhana and the barbarisms of Ghazni, Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb, Nadirshah, suffered the plunder and exploitation of the Mughals-British and their princes-kotwals but have ever heard that any king, aggressive emperor , the British Governor-General or the Prime Minister and the government brought vultures to the people of a particular country, young lambs from the underworld style of governance on the meat hot pot and then made the lives of innocent people halal with the nationwide narrative!

I wrote these lines on 30 October 2021 in the title of ‘Vulture Desh’ on Aryan’s episode-

‘Soft meat.. some innocence and crisp in youth, soft from upbringing…. Freshly cooked and red in hot blood… Wow, the lamb is wonderful… fluttering, weeping, quivering and flawless, lifeless in the thought that people used to call me the king’s lamb… Was… but what is it? The meat of the forest with its peeled skin was slammed into the hot pot before he could suddenly pounce from above and understand… how the crowd is looking at me. The lamb meat of the biggest superhero of the flock is injured in the hot pot. Listen, listen, look-look at my selfie with meat….look at the face of the lamb…look at the brave eagle who picked up the traitor.

The forest is trembling with eyebrows, ears and ears. Who is fat, Kaldar is a billionaire,… Look at his face too… He is not visible… Come, sing, make a vow, this lamb will be Halal soon!

Hey but the crows are telling that first the vulture panchayat will sit!… first the little king will listen, then the middle one.. then the next… and the vulture king has yet to decide what to do? Panchayat will sit, vultures will testify, crows will cross-examine and the decision of the vulture king will take place. … this lamb is a chance to correct history… It is the virtue of our vultures who are making the meat of such a fat, slender, powerful, great hero, giving the world a warning that there is no one civilized, constitutionally other than us. The rest of the creatures on Earth are jealous. Where else is it good to create such a country, where even a billionaire is meat, a player is also meat, a great artist is also meat! ….only then for the rest of the creatures of the earth and especially for human civilizations, its vulture folk is beautiful. The most different, the most beautiful.’

And last week…. It turns out that the lamb is innocent!

Imagine how the alleged King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan’s lamb would have survived? Who would have scratched how? Does Shahrukh Khan have the courage to avenge himself and his son’s honour, seek damages? No! Impossible. If lives are saved, then get millions and come on, settle abroad!

This experience is the essence of Narendra Modi’s eight-year rule. When the country’s sky was filled with vultures on the Aryan episode, a Muslim Nawab Malik and a Shiv Sainik, Sanjay Raut, spoke about how the extortion network of the new underworld style of governance is working in Mumbai, the capital of money. Those faces are marked in the metropolis, who, showing the fear of Delhi, threaten the respected officers along with the officers of agencies that they will get raids, defame them, will put them in jail. Yes, you will hear as many tales of Mumbai and paisa walas as you would like to know how one airport is transferred to the other after threatening Seth, how contracts are done, auctions are held and King Khan line is present from the lambs.

Oops! Can the Hindu of India (be it rulers, officers, journalists, lawyers and media) really be such an animal that captures small lambs, skins them and throws them in the meat hot pot of the jungle, first of all its national Create a narrative. Then the family should harass the father and make a ruckus of extortion and extortion? That too in the twenty first century?

Was it like this under Mughal, British, Congress rule? Before 2014, corruption in India was about taking money for work. Get the money done! If you do not pay, the file will not grow. But by taking the oath of God, every Hindu should think that when did it happen before that the officers of the Central Government agencies stripped the meat of the fat of the billionaire King Shahrukh Khan and put the meat on the hot pot and the government and the people should celebrate! Be it the groves of vultures and crows in the sky of the whole country – look at the brave eagle who picked up the traitor. ..He is a drug mafia, adharmic, a misdemeanor.

Be it the King of Bollywood or Mumbai’s trillionaire Ambani (remember the news that gunpowder sticks were found near the house) or Bangalore’s billionaire Siddhartha (who committed suicide in 2019 after being fed up with income tax vultures) or Arunachal’s CM (who in 2016) I committed suicide by writing the experience of being bitten by vultures) Or is it Riya Chakraborty, what is all this proved? India today is not only the arena of the battle of Panipat, but also the animal farm, in which there is a lamb of vultures that scavenge humans. Then is the lamb a Hindu or a Muslim? Trillionaire or farmer!

This is because the vultures have become freer from the all India new system of underworld modus operandi of intimidation, extortion, extortion in governance. Modi-Shah have no idea what they have made India and how even the smallest employees at the very bottom are behaving like big vultures. The report of the Supreme Court committee came a few days back. He bluntly told that in Hyderabad police killed four people in a fake encounter in broad daylight. Recall what a sky-high record of fake encounters India has in the last eight years. Remember that shopkeeper of Tamil Nadu, whose khaki uniform broke at the slightest snort that the other wolves of the animal farm, the vultures too, must have felt that we do not have such fifty-six inches chest to pry!

Forget the blatant faces of lynchings, mosque disputes and the Muslim population. It is a nation quietly cooking for the battle of Panipat. But remember how the Sikh-Hindu farmers’ movement was handled? How did a young girl Disha Ravi get caught? What kind of narrative was made of vultures all over the country in a jumla of tool kit on it? How the peasant movement was termed as Khalistani movement? By defaming the small innocent faces Mandeep Punia, Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal, who were brutally dumped in the meat hot pot of the jungle. How Taapsee Pannu was intimidated by raiding.

A face from me is never forgotten. He is an 84-year-old elderly-trembling Stan Swamy. How was he killed? Forget lynching, police encounters and raids by central agencies like CBI-ED-NCB in every state and underworld governance with extortionist gangs of politician-officers and think only those young-innocent faces like Aryan or Riya Chakraborty, whose Experience proves all over the world that there is no such country on earth, where collectively, at the national level, the authorities, systems, officers, media, make this air every day that we are the vulture people of the earth! Innocent, helpless, innocent lamb meat hot pot! Is there any other place like this in the world?

If yes, please let me know.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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