Arunachal Pradesh: Clash between soldiers of India and China, many injured from both sides

New Delhi. A big news has come out from Arunachal Pradesh. Where there is news of a clash between the soldiers of India and China in Youngste of Tawang district. In this incident, there is news of the soldiers being injured on both sides.

According to the Ministry of Defense this incident 9 december 2022 is of. According to reports, the People’s Liberation Army of China LAC had reached. This move of the Chinese soldiers was strongly opposed by the Indian soldiers. During this, there are also reports of skirmishes between the two armies. Some soldiers of both the armies were injured in this skirmish.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the soldiers of both the countries retreated from the scene in a short time. After the incident, the Indian Army Commander and the Chinese Commander held a flag meeting as per the prescribed procedure. So that peace can be restored in the area.


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