Arjun Deswal’s third consecutive Super-10 raid, Pink Panthers beat Pardeep’s UP Yoddha


Pro Kabaddi League 2021-22, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP Yoddha: Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated UP Yoddha 32-29 in the 16th match of Pro Kabaddi League played at Sheraton Grant Whitefield in Bangalore on Monday. In this match, UP Yoddha’s star raider Pardeep Narwal did not move at all and could only get 3 raid points. On the other hand, Arjun Deswal’s excellent form continued and completed the Super 10 raid in the third consecutive match. Deepak Niwas Hooda also performed brilliantly with him and got 9 raid points. Apart from this, the defense of Pink Panthers also performed brilliantly in this match, making 8 successful tackles. With this win, Pink Panthers are on the third position in the points table with 11 points, while UP has moved up one place to the seventh position.

Jaipur Pink Panthers won the toss and decided to raid UP Yoddha first. The warrior’s first raid went empty but the Panthers made two successive raids. The Pink Panthers continued their stellar form and scored several points in defense as well as the Reds. The biggest warrior of UP, Pardeep Narwal, was reined in by the defense of Jaipur. In the first half, Pink Panthers scored 19 points, while the Warriors team could score only 12 points. In the case of raids, even though both the teams were on equal footing, but in the first half, the UP defenders made only 3 successful tackles. Deepak Niwas Hooda’s team was leading 19-12 after the first half with 6 successful tackles and two all outs.

The story did not change much at the beginning of the second half. UP Yoddha scored 8 points in the next 10 minutes, while Pink Panthers scored only 5. While the Warriors had 5 successful raids, the Pink Panthers were able to take points from two raids. However, in the matter of tackle, Deepak’s team was ahead in this half and took a 27-20 lead by making three tackles. The last 8 minutes of play were left and both the teams were leading with one point each. Surender Gill had got 9 raid points but Pardeep was not allowed to run by the defenders of Panthers in this match. Panthers’ Arjun Deswal completed his Super-10 raid in this match as well and Deepak Hooda was getting constant support. Rohit Tomar, Pardeep Narwal and Shrikant Jadhav together took only 11 points and Surender Gill alone had given the warriors 9 points in the raid.

The last three minutes of the game were left and all the hopes of UP were on Pardeep Narwal, but Nitin Rawal showed the way to go out again by tackling him. UP Yoddha was lagging 24-30. With last minute play left and Pink Panthers ahead by just two points, UP still had a chance to make a comeback in the match. UP got one point and the score became 29-30, but in the last raid, the star player of Pro Kabaddi and Pink Panthers captain Deepak Niwas Hooda took the raid of two points and gave the team the second consecutive win. With this win, Jaipur Pink Panthers have moved to third place with 11 points, while UP Yoddha are in seventh place with 7 points.



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