Apart from gold ornaments, invest in digital gold on Akshaya Tritiya, you will get great returns




  • Many mutual fund companies of the country offer the facility of investing in Gold ETFs.
  • In today’s time digital gold has emerged as a good option.
  • Gold can be bought in digital form even for Re 1

Akshaya Tritiya But buying gold is considered auspicious. Therefore, there is a lot of gold buying on this day. If you are also going to buy gold after settling the household chores, then let us tell you that in the changing times, now there is no option to buy only gold jewelry. You can invest in gold from home without going anywhere. That too according to your budget. Today, on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, we are telling you some of the best options to buy gold. By following these, you can get great returns by buying gold without any hassle.

Gold ETF

Gold ETF is a scheme of mutual funds. In this, investors can buy gold unit wise. When investors sell gold, they are paid money at the market price at that time. Many mutual fund companies in the country offer the facility of investing in Gold ETFs. Financial planners say that this is a great option for small investors. Investors can get great returns by investing in Gold ETFs for the long term.

gold funds

Gold Mutual Fund is becoming a preferred medium for investment in gold in our country. The returns of the Gold Mutual Fund category have been around 30% in the last one year. Gold mutual funds do not directly invest in physical gold, but take the same position indirectly. In this, investors are getting better returns.

digital gold

Along with physical gold, digital gold has also become popular in today’s time. For those who do not want to invest in physical gold such as gold biscuits, jewelery or coins or cannot afford to spend a lot of money for it, digital gold has emerged as a good option for them. Small amounts can be invested in gold in the form of digital gold. Gold can be bought in digital form for Re 1 also. For this you do not even need to go anywhere, you can buy and sell gold sitting at home. This facility is being given to you by Paytm, Google Pay (Google) and PhonePe.

gold bond

If you want to invest in gold, then you can opt for gold bonds. The Reserve Bank of India brings in Sovereign Gold Bonds. In this, the price of gold most of the time is slightly below the market price. Also, it gives 2.5% interest on investment. It has a maturity period of eight years but can be sold after five years if needed. Investors can invest an amount equal to the value of one gram of gold in it. There is also a discount of Rs 50 per 10 grams for investments in bonds paid in digital form.

Why Invest in Digital Gold?

Gold has been a traditional investment option for centuries and its demand has always exceeded supply. Irrespective of the prices, the investment trends in this yellow metal have always remained stable, despite inflation. The biggest advantage of buying digital gold is that the investor gets the best value on his 24 karat 999.9 pure certified gold without paying any making charges at the time of purchase. Digital Gold is completely liquid asset, it is very easy to buy and sell, investors can sell digital gold whenever they want.

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