Anti-hijab protests intensify in Iran, 31 killed

Tehran. The ongoing protests against the hijab in Iran have intensified. So far 31 people have been reported killed in this. Demonstrations against the hijab started in Iran on 16 September, which have now intensified. Along with the women of the country, men are also involved in the demonstration. Now this demonstration has spread to 15 cities. Violent clashes are also taking place between the police and the protesters. The police opened fire to stop the agitating people. Three protesters were killed in firing on Thursday. The death toll in the last five days has gone up to 31.

Apart from this, hundreds of people have been injured and more than a thousand people have been arrested. The youth have made a mobile app named Garshad against the government’s moral policing. This app has been downloaded by 10 lakh people in five days. Youth are sending secret messages through this. In view of this, mobile internet and Instagram have been closed in Tehran.

The protesters say that the government is considering their protest as a rebellion, but the clerics will not understand this. They are sitting with their eyes closed. The government will not be able to rule on the basis of these clerics for long. These clerics are against giving rights to women. Meanwhile, supreme cleric Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a gathering on Wednesday. But he did not even mention the anti-hijab protests.

On September 13, Iran police arrested a young woman named Mahsa Amini for not wearing a hijab. He died three days later, that is, on 16 September. According to Iranian media reports, Amini went into a coma just hours after her arrest. He was taken to the hospital. Reports said that Amini died of a head injury.

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