Anirudh Sharma to make his foray into the music industry with the song ‘Tom Cruise’. Here’s all you need to know!

Music and fascination go hand in hand. There would be hardly any individual who would not love music. While some are trained in music and singing, some develop the skill by learning. Anirudh Sharma, a content creator is all set to rock the musical world with his upcoming song Tom Cruise. He is not trained in music production but loves it to the core. The talented guy has time and again showcased his singing skills on social media. “It all started when I posted an Instagram story of me singing. I never imagined it would be loved by so many people. I got the overwhelming response which built my confidence for singing”, said Anirudh.

One Instagram story changed the fortunes of Sharma and there has been no looking back since then. He now often puts multiple videos of his songs which have been receiving overwhelming response from the people on the internet. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Anirudh started working on a track titled ‘Tom Cruise’ couple of months ago. He says, “When I first received the draft of the lyrics, I could totally relate to it and there was an instant connection. I started working on it immediately and improvised the original lyrics.” Besides this, he has also taken the responsibility of the post-production of the song.

Music production has been the initial stage of learning for him and he is learning the fundamentals of how a music track is actually made. The singer and content creator further stated that he loved every bit of the process to bring the song ‘Tom Cruise’ to life. Not just this, Anirudh even revealed that he got butterflies when he first stepped into the recording studio. “It was indeed a dream come true moment for me. I always looked upon the music of other people and admired it. All I can say is that it is a surreal feeling. My friends Manpreet Kaur and Himanshu Shekar made all this happen and I am thankful to them”, he added.

Apart from this, Anirudh says that he has documented the entire process of the song and has captured all the memories in the behind the scenes vlog. Speaking about the nervousness, he said that he was nervous initially to stand in front of a microphone and taking cues from sound engineers. However, he grasped it quickly and did not even take many retakes while shooting for the song. The first look of the song was revealed on Anirudh’s birthday which was a surprise for him. Anirudh Sharma’s debut song is backed by Awesome Records and it will be out in September this year.

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