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Anger of Muslim Nations

Unpleasant remarks by some BJP functionaries about Prophet Muhammad and Islam have created an uproar inside India and in Islamic countries. BJP has taken action against its spokespersons but neither some of our Muslim organizations are satisfied with it nor many Islamic nations! Some people are so enraged by his remarks that they want to put him to death. But have the instigators and Islamic nations even tried to find out what those comments were and when, how and where they were made?

Maybe not. Had he known the facts, perhaps his anger would have subsided considerably. The remark was made when a heated debate was going on on a TV channel about the Gyanwide Mosque. Nowadays party-spokespersons are made to sit in every debate on our channels. Instead of arguing on the core subject, they attack each other unbridled. Whatever comes in their mouth, they spew it freely. One speaker made fun of Shivling, while the other speaker made such remarks about Prophet Muhammad, which was baseless.

Such incidents happen everyday. That’s why most discerning viewers don’t waste their time watching TV debates. It is my endeavor not to go into the debates in which party-spokespersons are made to sit. It is natural for the Muslims of India and Islamic countries to be angry on such a debate, but all the Hindus of India and the world can be equally angry at the mockery of Shivling. But in my opinion doesn’t this kind of resentment mean that you are giving more importance to some irresponsible people?

As far as the displeasure of Muslim nations is concerned, the first thing they should ask themselves is how do they treat other religions of their countries? How do they treat Christians, Jews, Hindus, Shias, Bahá’ís and Ahmadis living in their countries? What do they think of their great men—Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Shiva, Krishna, Maharishi Dayanand? The reality is that such religious people are more political than religious in the true sense. They are less devotees of God, more devotees of power. That’s why they attack other religions. They also violate the teachings of their great men.

It is clearly written in the Quran Sharif, “Forcing is not good in matters of religion” (2/256). Were the invaders who demolished churches and temples true Muslims? How generous the Prophet Muhammad was, it is known from this that when a Jewish old woman who threw garbage at him every day fell ill, he got worried and went to his house to inquire about his condition and took care of him.

Did the Taliban who broke the Buddha statues in Bamiyan proved to be true followers of Muhammad? How many Islamic nations condemned him? The Brahmin cook who poisoned Maharishi Dayanand to death, was he a true Hindu? Such people are not religious, they are fanatics. I do not understand that a single person can be a fanatic, but why do the governments of different countries fall into the well of bigotry?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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