AMX XP 24+ Charger Review: So Many Things To Love

Well, AMX India is ruling the market with its high-quality products. We have reviewed  AMX USB Type C Cable in the past, which is the best cable you can buy even today. Today, we have AMX XP 24+ charger, which is a 12W 2-Port Smart USB Wall Charge adapter. Before we start AMX XP 24+ review, a kudos to AMX for the super-fast ‘Sanitised’ delivery during this tough time, now, without further ado, let’s begin.

AMX XP 24+ Charger Review

Let’s start with the design first.

A compact and functional design

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I didn’t expect this adapter to be this small! By looking at the box, I was expecting it to be bigger than the standard power bricks, but that’s not the case here. It’s very compact, and the AMX branding on top and a tiny Flash Charge text near the ports gives a premium look. Why is it a functional design? Because, in the size of a normal adapter it provides dual-port, which is really handy.

While travelling, you don’t need to carry two chargers. You can charge your two devices, i.e. one smartphone and one earphone or smartwatch at the same time! Not just the compactness, but AMX XP 24+ is certified by BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards). While many prefer a matte texture, I really liked the shiny finish all around the adapter.

Charging Speed Up To 2.4A

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AMX XP 24+ Charger outputs a total 12W and up to 2.4A. So, you can charge two devices simultaneously with total 2.4A, which is pretty good. However, I use an 18W charger to juice up my primary phone, but to charge my parent’s smartphones and my headphones, I have used this XP 24+, and the experience was amazing!

It took me around 1 hour 45 minutes to charge the phone (4,000mAh battery) from 20-100%, which is faster than I expected it to be. Also, I was using the phone in between while charging. To give you an idea, the stock adapter takes more than 2 hours to charge the phone.  Apart from this, I tried to charge two smartphones simultaneously, although the charging speed was decreased, it was still fast enough. If your device supports 18W charging, then I would suggest you go for the AMX XP 35 which outputs 17W. If you are someone who charges the phone overnight (not recommended xD), then this 12W charger is more than enough. 

Thermal Management

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One thing I really liked about the AMX charger is thermal management. I generally use my smartphone every time I charge it, and as a result, my smartphone and the stock adapter gets a little warm after an hour. However, I did not feel any heat even after 2 hours while using the AMX charger.


Well, if you are looking for a 10/12W charger, then this is the best option available right now! But if your phone supports faster charging then XP 35 and XP 40 are the better options. Other than that, the sleek design, better thermal management and dual-port functionality make this charger the best charger under rupees 400.

Quick Specifications

amx xp 24+ review, amx xp 24+, amx xp 24 plus

  1. 12 Watts
  2. 2.4 Ampere
  3. Dual Flash Charging Ports
  4. Bureau of Indian Standards Certified


  • Build Quality & Material – 10/10
  • USB Port function – 9/10
  • Specification – 8/10
  • User Experience – 10/10
  • Others – 9/10

AMX XP 24+ comes with 12 months of warranty. You can reach them out at [email protected]

You can get the AMX XP 24+ charger via its official website for Rs. 319. Or you can purchase it via Amazon India for Rs. 399.

That’s it in this AMX XP 24+ charger review.

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