America’s warning to China, Russia’s help will have to face dire consequences, Russia has only 10 days of ammunition left!

New Delhi | America Warning to China: Today is the 20th day of the ongoing bloody war between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian army is now continuously dropping bombs on the residential areas of Ukraine. So far more than 1700 people have died in this war. However, Ukraine is also not taking the name of retreating in this war and is giving an equal answer to Russia. Even Russia did not think that Ukraine would be able to compete with it for so many days. In such a situation, now the condition of Russia has also started deteriorating and it has demanded military equipment from a country like China.

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America’s warning, if you help Russia, you will have to face the consequences
America Warning to China: America claims that Russia has sought help from China for the war with Ukraine. Russia is demanding from China for military equipment. In such a situation, America has reprimanded China for supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine, as well as warned China that if China helps Russia in any way, its results will not be good. The US clearly said that China will have to face the consequences if it gives military assistance to Russia. However, Russia has also categorically refused to seek military help from China, saying that Russia itself is based on its military power.

China Russia :

China Russia :

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Russia has only 10 days of ammunition left
After a long stretch of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, now news is also coming out in the media that, Russia has only 10 days of ammunition left. Ben Hodges, a former commander of the US military of Europe, has claimed that Russia is now also in need of military equipment because, it has only ten days of ammunition left.

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