America’s insincerity: Unforgivable crime of teaching ‘Vishwaguru’…?

Bhopal. The proverb of ‘wings to ants’ seems to be coming true in America, now it has been displaying itself as a defense resource and has been representing itself as the great power of the world, but now it has shown itself to those countries. He has also dared to teach, who has once been a ‘Vishwaguru’, the latest example of this is his latest report which he has released in the name of religious freedom, in which many countries including India, describing himself as paramount in this field. has been criticized. He has written in his recently released report that attacks on religious places in India have increased, due to which there has been a significant decline in religious harmony in India and the current government of India is sitting on hand.

The US has released the report of the International Commission on Religious Freedom 2021, which states that it will continue to work to protect the religious freedom of people around the world, US Secretary of State Antony Clinton on attacks on people and religious places in large countries. Released this report, the report has been targeted for increasing attacks on religious places in India, while Pakistan, Afghanistan and China have been criticized for attacks on minorities and women. Although India has expressed strong objection to this American report and termed it as international vote bank politics, the Ministry of External Affairs has said that we have taken cognizance of the American report, it is unfortunate that vote bank politics is being done in international relations, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has urged that assessments based on one-sided information and biased views be avoided.

Not only this, the US has also mentioned in its report their allegations regarding attacks on various non-profit organizations (NGOs) and minority institutions. And there have been cases of threats, including crimes against non-Hindus based on allegations of cow slaughter or beef trade for the protection of cows. The report also referred to the statement of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in which he had said that the DNA of Hindus and Muslims in India is the same and people should not be discriminated in the name of religion. On 12 September, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi had publicly said that Uttar Pradesh The previous governments had given more benefits to the Muslims by supporting them more in the distribution of facilities, perhaps referring to the Socialist and Congress governments.

In this report, America has heavily washed not only India but also China, Taliban and Pakistan. It was said about China that people of other religions are being harassed there, China is harassing people and followers of those other religions, which it considers against the principles of the Chinese Communist Party, including Tibetan, Buddhist, Christian , Islamic etc. followers. The Taliban has been criticized on the grounds of alleged oppression of women and girls there, said that religious freedom and freedom in Afghanistan have been completely destroyed, women and girls’ rights to education and religion have been taken away. Reports for Pakistan state that the death penalty for blasphemy is being executed there, with 16 people hanged on this charge during the year 2021 alone.

These days, where there is a panic in the countries of the whole world regarding this report of America, the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India has given a scathing reply to the allegation made against India by the US, saying that “America should have done its own right here.” Stop ‘gun culture’, then give advice to others.

Arindam Bagchi, Official Spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, said that as an inherently pluralistic society, India values ​​religious freedom and human rights. In our discussions with the US, we have discussed racially and ethnically motivated attacks, hate crimes and gun violence. regularly highlighted issues of American concern, so America should first worry about its own gun culture and increasing incidents of racial violence, then point fingers at other countries.
This vote bank politics in international relations is not right at all, it is also very unfortunate. While India has rejected the American report by responding to the American report in sharp words, it has also advised America to avoid such biased attitude. India, while clarifying its position, also said that India has not only supported human rights so far, but has also protected them, so America should be very careful about this in future.
This report of America is being speculated by taking different meanings in many countries of the world.

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