America’s clarification on Imran Khan’s no-confidence motion, said – no letter was sent…

Imran Khan America Letter : In the midst of the ongoing turmoil in Pakistan, there was news that foreign forces were behind these situations. However, the US has categorically denied America’s involvement in bringing a no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan-led government. Refuting the allegations, the US has said that it has not sent any letter on the current political situation in Pakistan. This information was given in a news reported in the media on Thursday. Let us inform that Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is trying to save his throne in Pakistan, has lost his majority in Parliament on Wednesday.

Foreign secret letter was mentioned

Imran Khan America Letter : The Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P), an important ally of the ruling coalition, joined hands with the opposition. Who introduced a no-confidence motion against his government in the National Assembly. Khan has been claiming that the opposition’s no-confidence motion against him because of his foreign policy is the result of a foreign conspiracy and that foreign funding is being done to oust him. His allegations of conspiracy are based on a confidential letter received from an embassy in the country abroad.

Controversy over the letter of the US ambassador

Imran Khan America Letter : According to reports, the Pakistani ambassador was told that the course of relations between the two countries would depend on the outcome of the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition against Khan. It was told that this letter was sent on March 7 i.e. a day before the opposition’s no-confidence motion was submitted. Meanwhile, it has emerged that Majeed had sent this letter on the basis of a meeting of the then Ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Asad Majeed, with Donald Lu, the assistant minister for South and Central Asian Affairs, the paper said.

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