American female tourists had a bad experience in Greece, had to pay 1.25 lakh rupees for two dishes, salad and bread!

American women who went on vacation to Greece share their story

Nowadays, eating food in hotels outside the house has not only become a hobby but has become a part of everyday life. When people go for work or for holidays, they often eat outside. But sometimes some people have to face very bad experience about it. Recently, a similar case has come to the fore where a hotel has demanded about 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees for two dishes, salad and bread to female tourists. When they protested, they were surrounded by the hotel staff. After which they had to pay money.

According to the information, Cheryl Lanfair of Seattle, USA, went to visit the island of Greece with her friends, where she ordered a plate of Kalamari, a lobster pasta, a salad and bread at DK Oyster Restaurant in Platys Gialos. Lanfair further said that when we went there at DK Oyster, everything was done very quickly. Showed the menu for a very short time and asked to place the order quickly. The average price of the mines there was about 2.5 thousand rupees. We ordered three dishes. We had ordered all the dishes, one plate each.

After this, Lanfair further said that a large quantity of all the dishes were given to us. We were 6, all women. When we finished the food, we started asking for about 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees as a bill. All the male staff came to us and surrounded us after complaining about this. It was very scary. He complained about this on the hotel’s Facebook page. During this it came to know that many people had made such complaints in the past as well. In response to the negative comment, the hotel said – There is no free goods distribution country in the western part of the world, which will teach us how to charge for our luggage.

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