America will fight for Taiwan

Washington/Beijing. For the first time, the US has indicated a forceful test of military power with China. He has said that if China attacks Taiwan, America will give military help to Taiwan. Significantly, China considers Taiwan as its part. He has also spoken about joining Taiwan with military power in his country. For the past few days, Chinese fighter planes have entered the Taiwan border several times. Taiwan, on the other hand, considers itself an independent country and is ready to fight to defend its sovereignty.

Seeing China’s stand on Taiwan, US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the US will provide military assistance to Taiwan if China attacks the self-ruled island. President Biden warned that China is playing with danger. After Biden’s statement, China reacted sharply and said that Taiwan is part of China and it is its internal matter, in which other countries should not interfere.

Earlier, in response to a question related to military intervention in Taiwan, Biden had said – this is what we promised. We agreed to the One China Policy, we signed it, but it is wrong to think that Taiwan can be taken by force. Despite ruling separately for more than seven decades, China has threatened Taiwan that Taiwan’s independence would mean war. On June 1 last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed full integration with self-ruled Taiwan and vowed to thwart any attempts at formal independence.

However, after Biden’s statement, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded by saying – We will protect our national interests. No one should underestimate the determination and will of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. He said- Taiwan is part of China. This issue is an internal matter of China. Will not compromise on issues related to China’s core interests of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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