America: When a hospital handed over a bill of 2.5 crores to the patient

While hearing in this case, now the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of this woman.

A case of hospital negligence has come to the fore in the US where the hospital paid a woman a bill of about USD 3,03,709 or more than Rs 2 crore 35 lakh for surgery. Whereas the hospital had told the woman an estimated cost of 1 lakh rupees (US$ 1,300) before starting the surgery. Hearing in this case, now the Supreme Court has given a verdict in favor of this woman.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of the woman, saying the St. Anthony North Health Campus in West Minster could not compel French to pay an additional charge. The woman underwent spinal fusion surgery at Suburban Denver Hospital. Actually, the hospital had added many such charges to her bill, about which the woman was not informed earlier. In this case that surfaced in America, a bill of more than 2 crores was sent to the woman. Those charges were also taken from the woman, about which she was not informed in advance. This woman named Lisa French had her two surgeries done in the year 2014. The French had to pay more than 1 lakh rupees for their treatment. At the same time, his bill was more than Rs 2 crore 35 lakh. Whereas, the insurance company paid him only Rs 57 lakh (US$74,000).

Let us tell you that with the beginning of the year 2022, ‘No Surprise Act’ came in America. In which many types of unexpected medical charges were banned, which were levied by ‘out of network providers’. The biggest advantage of this is that the people taking the treatment and the consumers will not get involved in the dispute between the insurer and the cure. When this law was enacted, Governor Tom Wolfe called it decisive.

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