America: Unique method of protest, this person climbed the skyscraper becoming Spiderman in the wake of protests

There have been many protests in America regarding the right to abortion or abortion.

You must have heard about many methods of protest till date, but now one such case has come to the fore which is different in all respects. There have been many protests in America regarding the right to abortion or abortion. Meanwhile, a video has gone viral which will blow your senses. After watching this video you will say that this is pro-lite spider man. This video has created panic on social media. According to a report, the activist, identified as Mason Deschamps, described himself as a “pro-life Spiderman” and also posted an Instagram story on the tower. Millions of women across America could soon lose their legal right to an abortion, according to a leaked Supreme Court document. The document, published by Politico, shows the country’s top court is set to overturn a 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. In such a situation, it is expected that abortion can be banned in about half of US states.

Mason Deschamps said he recently began climbing a skyscraper to spread an anti-abortion message. In the Instagram story, this man can be heard saying, “Here I am at the Salesforce Tower.” everything is fine here. I had some water. Meanwhile, passers-by standing under a high-rise building recorded the video in their mobile cameras. Some even shot a video of Deschamps inside the building. It climbed 1,070 feet from outside the building. The video shows Mason Deschamps climbing a building wearing a gray hoodie, gloves and pants.

To save this Spiderman, the San Francisco Fire Department deployed its personnel in many places. He said the man was endangering firefighters and public safety. The San Francisco Police Department said that after measuring the tower, Des Champs was arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest.

The fire brigade said in a tweet, “A man climbing 60 storey tower of Sales Force Tower did an amazing job. This man is endangering the life of firefighters and the safety of the public. Avoid coming to this area and Join us in condemning this action. About an hour later, the fire department issued an update saying the issue had been resolved and the person concerned was in San Francisco police custody.

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