America: Tragic accident happened in Texas, 46 bodies found inside a truck, cause of accident not revealed

Bodies seized from Texas city of San Antonio, about 100 people buried in truck container

The bodies of 46 tourists have been found inside a truck in Texas, USA. The bodies were confiscated on Monday from the city of San Antonio, Texas. Around 100 people got trapped in the container of the truck. They were being smuggled across the border in an 18 wheeler truck.

According to the information received, 16 people, including 4 children, have been admitted to the hospital, although it is not yet clear how these people died. Even the local police is yet to comment on the matter. It is feared that the passenger died due to suffocation in the closed container of the truck. When the police team reached the spot and took out the dead bodies, his body was hot.

It is being told that due to the scorching heat, the temperature of the container of the truck increased and people became victims of heat stroke. The city of San Antonio is approximately 250 km from the Texas-Mexico border.

According to a fire brigade official, the door of the truck container was half-open. It had neither ventilation system nor any facility of water in the container. The condition of 3 victims is said to be stable. At the same time, Greg Abbott of Texas Government has blamed US President Joe Biden for the death. Abbott said the deaths were caused by the deadly open border policy. The temperature rises significantly during the summer months in the city of Antonio. The temperature here on Monday was 39.4 degree Celsius.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Abarard said there was no information yet on the citizenship of the victims. Embassy officials are reaching the spot to identify them. San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said three people were taken into custody. However, he did not say whether the driver of the truck was involved in the incident.

Significantly, the number of tourists caught trying to infiltrate into the United States through the southern border is increasing continuously. This year the number has been the highest recorded in the last 10 years. The Customs and Border Protection official said such cases near the southern border have increased by 30% compared to a year ago.

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