America: The accused was burying the dead body after killing, he also died due to heart attack

There is a saying in Hindi, Whatever you do, you should fill it! Whatever he does, he gets the same result. There are many examples where the fruits of karma are received early and in many cases late, but recently in America, the incident of a person getting the fruits of karma immediately has come to the fore. A man strangled a woman to death in Washington DC. After this the killer thought of disposing of the dead body. So he buried the woman’s body in the backyard of his house in South Carolina. Meanwhile, after the burial of the dead body, the killer also died. The killer has been identified as Joseph McKinnon.

According to the information, local officials said that the woman’s killer died of a heart attack. Before dying, he strangled the woman and buried the body. Due to this strange incident, there is silence in the surrounding area. There were no signs of injury on McKinnon’s body and his death appears to have been of natural causes. Officials said McKinnon’s death was reported to family members and an investigation was launched. Meanwhile, another body was found in the backyard of the house. The body was that of 65-year-old Patricia Ruth Dent. The body was buried in garbage bags.

Examining the second corpse, police officers said eyewitness accounts and statements from witnesses indicated that McKinnon attacked Dent.

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