America: Suddenly this passenger opened the emergency window of the ship and started walking on the wings

At the time of this incident, neither the aircraft was on the runway nor was it moving, seeing the aircraft moving on the wings, other passengers on board were also scared, the passenger was taken into police custody

There are different types of people in the world. There are some who never hesitate to do something different. Even if it hurts someone. Something similar happened in Chicago, America, when a passenger suddenly opened the emergency gate of the plane and started walking on the plane’s wings. However, the aircraft was neither on the runway nor was it moving at the time of the incident. The plane was parked in the taxi area of ​​Chicago O’Hare International Airport at the time. According to media reports, the passenger was later taken into police custody.

According to information received from the local news agency, the passenger was a resident of California. According to the Chicago Police Department, the male passenger walked to the emergency gate shortly after boarding the plane and opened the gate. Seeing him walking on the wings of the plane, other passengers on board were also shocked. Police say the passenger was trying to slowly land on the plane’s wings in the airspace. The passenger’s name is Randy Frank DeVilla. This passenger is accused of negligence. Chicago police said the passenger was arriving from Sandiano aboard United Airlines Flight 2478. A statement from United Airlines said an attempt was made to prevent the passenger from disembarking from ground crew. When the plane landed at the gate, the other passengers were evacuated safely. Police say that the passenger will be produced in the court on June 27. The charges against the passenger include obstructing the flight.

Let us tell you that one such case came to light when in February this year, an American Airlines passenger tried to open the emergency gate of an airplane. The court later imposed a fine of Rs 8,81,950 on the passenger. A woman passenger was also fined around ₹77,77,272. The woman was also trying to open the gate in the air. The US Federal Aviation Administration reported more than 5,500 cases of passenger misconduct last year. Some of these trips have also been banned by the airlines.

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