America: Strange dolls are being found on the seashore, people are very curious

Some Texas scientists found some dolls lying on the beach. Also share your experience on social media

Children love to play with toys. In this too, girls love their dolls very much. But now something is happening on a beach in Texas, America, which surprised even the scientists. It is said that some scientists in Texas went for a walk on the beach. Suddenly they saw scary dolls. They were shocked. He has also shared his experience regarding these dolls on social media.

At present, the discussion on the whole matter is going on. According to a report in the Daily Star, some Texas scientists found some dolls lying on the beach. Also share your experience on social media. Professor Jess Tunley of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute said that he visits Golf Coast Beach twice a week where he has been finding such scary dolls for some time.

Scientists are wondering how all the dolls of the ocean are reaching the shore together and if they are not flowing then who will leave these dolls? Till now he has got more than 30 such dolls. According to him, the first doll was found in January 2021. Which was an adult doll. But at that time only the head of the doll was found. Surprisingly, a person spent Rs 2,600 to buy the head of the doll. However, the scientists donated money to the rescue program at sea.

Scientists say that people are curious about the dolls found in this way. According to research from his institute, more waste is flowing out of the ocean in Texas than in Mississippi and Florida.

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Himansh Verma

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