America landed warship in the Gulf of Taiwan

New Delhi, The US has come to the rescue of Taiwan amid increasing pressure from China on Taiwan. For the first time showing preparations for a direct confrontation with China, the US has landed two of its warships in the Taiwan Strait. Both these warships are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and are also equipped with nuclear weapons. In this way America has given a very strict answer to China.

Significantly, since the visit of Speaker of the Lower House of the US Parliament Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the Chinese military has been conducting military exercises very close to Taiwan and putting pressure on Taiwan. Now for the first time America has retaliated. Immediately after this move of America, the attitude of China cooled down. When the American warship Warship reached the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, China said – we are monitoring the situation. There is no intention of increasing the tension.

Significantly, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has declared six entry-prohibition zones around Taiwan. That is, no passenger plane or ship can reach Taiwan through these six routes. In this way he has laid siege to Taiwan to teach a lesson. According to a report released on Sunday by news agency Reuters, it is the first time in many years that the US has directly challenged China’s military might.

The US has deployed two warships in this area. After this move of America, the attitude of China has cooled down. Both China’s Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry have said in one voice that they do not intend to increase tension. “We do not want to escalate tensions in the Taiwan Strait,” the statement said. We are just doing military exercises. America should also desist from increasing tension. Taiwan is part of us. The US Navy also responded after China’s statement. He said – Indian Ocean and its paths will not be allowed to be captured. It is for everyone and it will be kept free. We are ready for any action.

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