America again targeted China

Singapore, America has not heeded the warnings of China. China had recently said that America is adding fuel to the fire between India and China’s relations. Ignoring this point of China, America has once again mentioned India and Taiwan. US Defense Secretary Lloyd James Austin said on Saturday that China is continuously strengthening its position on the borders with India. He stressed that the US stands firmly with its allies as they are defending their rights in the face of China’s forcible war conditions and its aggressive attitude.

During the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Austin said Beijing was pursuing its illegal maritime plans by taking an aggressive stance on its territorial claims in the South China Sea. To the west, we see China consolidating its position on the borders with India, he said. Austin reassured that we are firm in our mutual defense commitments. America is fully prepared to deal with any aggression in future.

Keep in mind that a top US general, who visited India a few days ago, had termed some defense structures being built by China near the border with India in Ladakh as worrying. Significantly, after the violent clash in Eastern Ladakh, there has been a standoff on the Line of Control between the armies of India and China since May 5, 2020. Meanwhile, China is building infrastructure such as roads and residential areas along the border with India and is building two bridges over Pangong Lake.

However, Austin, while stating the need for India to be strong, said- America believes that India’s growing military power and technological development are necessary for stability in the region. He said that India, America and many other countries are discussing a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific amid China’s military maneuvers in the region. The Quad leaders look forward to working on common goals with ASEAN and the Pacific Islands. He made it clear that the US does not want the formation of Asian NATO at all. The US Defense Secretary said that China’s provocation and destabilizing military activities around Taiwan are a threat to the region. Austin said that the US is committed to the security of Taiwan and is ready to take all possible steps for this.

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