America: A woman became pregnant again during pregnancy, this incident is rare in the medical field

Cara Winhold, 30, was pregnant in March 2021 in Texas, USA, became pregnant again five months later

Becoming a mother is like taking a second birth for every woman. Every woman wants to enjoy the happiness of motherhood. Sometimes a woman becomes pregnant with two children while conceiving, in some cases more than two children are also born, but in all of these, pregnancy happens simultaneously, but recently a unique case has come to the fore in America. Is. A woman in Texas, USA has become pregnant again during pregnancy? Such cases are extremely rare.

According to the information, 30-year-old Kara Winhold became pregnant in March 2021. At the time of examination after five weeks, the ultrasound showed only one developing fetus in her womb. Two weeks later, on another scan, not one but two embryos were visible. Cara says she saw in the scans that there were two sacs in the womb—one as small and one as large as a dot. One child was more developed, while the other was not as developed. In the middle of one pregnancy, the occurrence of another pregnancy is called ‘superfetation’.

Let us tell you that such cases can be seen mostly in women who have taken fertility treatment, but in the case of Kara, it was not the case. He had not taken any treatment. Cara says that according to her doctor, it’s most likely that she ovulated twice and released two eggs, which were fertilized at different times, about a week apart. Cara gave birth to their unique twins in October 2021.

Such cases are considered somewhat exceptional or rare, as they require the simultaneous occurrence of three unlikely events. First- Ovary will have to release the second egg or ovum, which usually does not happen. Second- Let that egg be fertilized by a sperm cell. This is also impossible because in early pregnancy, mucus builds up in the cervical canal, forming a plug that blocks the passage of sperm. And third- implanting the fertilized egg in the uterus, while an embryo is already implanted.

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