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Amazing: Four shoulders, bier, barber, arrangements from weepers to bone immersion, this company will conduct the last rites, advance booking is also on – The Fact

Many people lost their loved ones during the Corona period. After the death happening during this time, people used to refuse to take the last rites of their loved ones, let alone the dead body. But that was a bad time which has passed, in spite of this there are many people who do not want to perform the last rites of their loved ones after losing them. The number of such people will be less in the country, but some people are definitely there. In such a situation, now you must be wondering why we are talking about this now… you must be thinking exactly the same…

Actually, we want to tell you that now if you do not want to perform the last rites of your loved ones, then a facility has also come for that, which is now a topic of discussion on social media. So that the dead body can be carried out from your home without you going and the last rites can be performed according to the method. Now you must be wondering how this can be possible… Yes, but something like this… Let us tell you that a company started in the name of Sukhant Funeral which will now get the last rites done. As the name suggests, it provides funeral services to its clients.

Not only the last rites, but the company will make arrangements for the bier, barber, pandit, those who give shoulders to the bier, walk with them, chant the name of Ram. Not only this, bone immersion will also be done by him, but for this you will have to pay only Rs 37500 for this. Not only this, you can also do pre-booking of the last rites. That is, the customer can book his own funeral before death. It is not that this service is a new invention. This service is common in many countries of the world, but now it has started in India too.

There are three options in the Services tab on the Sukhant Funeral site. Pre-plan salvation, funeral service and other services. You can plan your last journey in advance with the Pre-Plan Moksha service. In this, the cost of the Silver plan is Rs 37,700. The company says, as long as the plan holder is alive, golden moments like his birthday will be celebrated. Apart from this, in other services, the company also provides services like legal help, tribute film making, publishing condolence messages in newspapers, organizing condolence meetings, bone immersion and organ donation.

Sanjay Ramgude, director and co-founder of Sukhant Funeral Management, says that they also do pre-planning for the last rites and have conducted about 5,000 funerals so far. Currently this service is available in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, but they are preparing to open its branches all over India. They are thinking of opening a franchise as well. The cost of emergency funeral comes from Rs 8,000 to 12,000, while the cost of pre-planning funeral comes to about Rs 40 thousand.

Let us tell you that at present people do not have time to maintain relationships. Neither with anyone’s son nor with anyone’s brother… the reason for this is nothing else but, all of them are away from their near and dear ones, some are abroad… some are somewhere else. Because of this, people are not able to reach or participate in the last rites of their loved ones. Seeing which this company has brought this startup. It is being claimed that this company has so far conducted more than 5 thousand funerals across the country.

People are commenting in various ways regarding this photo which is going viral on social media. Some are beating their heads and some are saying something. One user wrote that this is a startup for people from joint to single family and now living alone. One user wrote that in the coming time this startup will become a very big company.

Shubham Bangwal

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