Amazing feature coming to iPhone and iPad, you will be surprised to hear


Apple New Features : Apple keeps on bringing new technology from time to time from phone to other electronic gadgets. A team of the company always works on different features. In this episode, the company is working on a special feature, in which you will be able to charge other Apple accessories from the screen of iPhone or iPad. The disclosure of this feature is a related application given by Apple to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Apple has given this application

According to the report, Apple has filed a patent for this feature in March last year. This patent has been named ‘Trought Display Wireless Charging’. In this, it has been said from the company that it wants to work on such a feature in which other electronic devices can be charged from iPad and iPhone.

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This feature will work like this

Under this feature, the company will reserve a specific part of the screen of its iPhone or iPad for recharging. This part will remain transparent. At this point, users will be able to charge their devices like Apple Watch, Airpods or Apple Pencil.

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The company is working on two more hi-tech features

Let us tell you that there is a lot of speculation about the launch of 2 more big products of Apple this year. Both these products will be equipped with many special features. One of these is the company’s AR and VR based headset. It is expected to be launched this year. At the same time, the company is also working on the feature without a physical SIM card in the iPhone 14. It will have only e-SIM facility.



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