Aligarh: Cigarette smokers beware, Omicron infection can take support of your addiction at any time, warns Aligarh CMO. 1 News Track English


Aligarh: No case of Corona’s variant Omicron has been found in the district yet, yet the Health Department and the district administration are on full alert. In view of this, emphasis has been laid on focus sampling along with motivating people to follow the covid protocol. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anand Upadhyay said these things on Thursday.

Tobacco use increases the risk of spreading infection

CMO (Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anand Upadhyay) has appealed to the people of the district to take precautions. Along with this, he has said that smoking and consumption of tobacco is like calling Kovid. He told that Kovid also attacks the lungs and smoking also increases lung problems. Apart from this, the risk of spreading infection increases with the use of tobacco.

Frequent removal of masks for smoking cigarettes can increase infection

District Leprosy Officer Dr. Khan Chand says that already weakened lungs due to smoking can reach a critical stage soon after being Kovid. Apart from this, cigarette smokers are more prone to infection because they have to remove the mask repeatedly to smoke cigarettes and this situation can increase the infection. Lowers the immunity of the body. Although it is illegal to smoke cigarettes in open spaces, but people mostly buy and smoke cigarettes in open spaces, so they are at risk of infection every time.

Smoking increases the risk of many diseases including cancer

Nodal Officer and Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. BK Rajput said that smoking increases the risk of many diseases including cancer. Therefore, it is better to quit smoking to reduce the risk of corona virus. He said that smoking also increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

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