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Alia Bhatt Says “Real Sleep” Comes On Duroflex

In the first advertisement, Alia Bhatt sees that her friend Adarsh ​​Gaurav of White Tiger fame is unable to sleep properly on his mattress. From their conversation, it is revealed that Adarsh ​​bought the mattress thinking that it was memory foam, which would be good for his waist. To this, Alia smiles and says, ‘Not every memory foam is orthopedic, and not every sleep is sleep.’ She further adds that specific problems require specific solutions like Duroflex’s signature orthopedic mattress range as recommended by doctors, which comes with an advanced five zone support layer.


Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at youthistaan.com Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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