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Alia Bhatt becomes a lawyer when there is a fight, reveals the actor

People like the pair of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. You both have become parents and are very happy. Both of them spend maximum time with their daughter. Mostly Ranbir Kapoor is seen with daughter only. Now Ranbir Kapoor has told what he does whenever he has a fight with Alia.

Alia becomes a lawyer


Ranbir Kapoor was asked on Kareena Kapoor’s chat show What Women Want what he does whenever he has a fight with Alia, to which Ranbir said, “If there is a fight, I just take a little space.” Am. Alia is like she is a lawyer. If she feels that she has been wronged, she does not give up until she proves her point. I am such a person who has no ego, no self respect. I am very happy to say right or wrong sorry, but I love the concept of space.

then he said

“When there is a fight between a couple, both of them say many things to hurt each other, which do not really mean anything. Meanwhile, the other person feels that this is all you think and then he sits holding those three-four things. In such a situation, things have to be cleared.

got married last year

Ranbir Alia married in the month of April last year 2022 and in November they became the parents of a daughter. They named the daughter Raha. But till now the couple has not shown their face to the people.

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