Akshara Singh MMS: What is the truth behind Akshara Singh’s MMS leak? Bhojpuri actress narrated her ordeal

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Akshara Singh MMS


  • News of Akshara Singh’s MMS went viral
  • The truth behind the viral video came to the fore

Akshara Singh MMS: Akshara Singh, the famous actress of Bhojpuri industry, is not interested in any identity. Although Akshara remains in the discussion about her professional life as well as her personal life. But at this time different types of news are coming out about the Bhojpuri actress. After listening to them, Akshara Singh shared a video of herself crying on social media.

Recently, it was reported that after Anjali Arora, now Akshara Singh’s MMS has been leaked. Such news is spread everywhere on social media. But the truth behind these news is something else. Actually, along with the news of MMS, a crying video of Akshara has also been shared on social media. It is being said about this video that she is crying upset after the MMS leak.

But all these news are completely wrong. No private video of Akshara has been leaked. Let us tell you that the crying video of Akshara is two years old. While sharing the video of the actress on a channel called Moz Music Bhojpuri on YouTube, she said that Akshara Singh’s MMS video has gone viral.

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In the video going viral, Akshara Singh says that she has been harassed. Those who love me will always like me. Of course I can go anywhere and work anywhere. You can’t stop holding. You are a big name so do your job. Why are you roaming around with a fake mask on your face? Stay in reality, don’t be fake. Why does all this happen only in our industry? There is another industry too. There are many types of cinema including Punjabi, South to Bollywood. But why this filth is only in Bhojpuri industry. Why is there so much cheapness here? Everyone is after each other. Block it, block it. His song should not come forward. No other actor can go far ahead. Why all this?

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