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Ajwain ke Fayde: Due to the extreme cold in the winter season, many times we start falling ill. But to avoid the cold in winter season, we should keep our body warm from inside. So that we can avoid getting sick. Most of the children fall ill during the cold season. That’s why children have to take more care.

Ajwain beneficial for health

Ajwain is also known as Azolla Seeds and Keram. Ajwain is found in everyone’s homes. Ajwain is used to make some food dishes. But consuming celery proves to be very beneficial for your health. The taste of celery is hot. Therefore, its consumption in winter is considered beneficial. Celery proves beneficial in many diseases. Ajwain is rich in fiber carbohydrate sodium.

Ajwain must be consumed in winter (Concept Photo – Social Media)

Consume after lunch

Consume celery in winter, but do it at the right time. If ajwain is consumed at the wrong time, it can cause harm instead of benefit. Eating celery after lunch is considered most beneficial. This improves digestion power. Also, the food gets digested easily.

Roast and consume celery

Ajwain can be consumed in many ways. You can also eat celery after roasting, this will give you a good taste of celery. Because its sharpness goes away. Drinking water from carom seeds is also considered very beneficial. Or you can drink carom seeds by boiling them in water.

Beneficial in these diseases

Ajwain proves to be helpful in eliminating many diseases. Let us tell you in which diseases you can consume celery.

Get relief in back pain

If you have a complaint of back pain, then you should take half a teaspoon of carom seeds with warm water. This gives quick relief in back pain.

eat when you have stomach pain

Ajwain should be consumed in stomach ache (Concept Photo – Social Media)

If your stomach is not clean, then you should consume ajwain in the morning. You get a lot of benefit from this. It is common to feel cold in the winter season, due to cold, many times we get pain in our stomach. In this also, the consumption of celery is considered very beneficial.

beneficial in chest pain

You can consume it even if you are having chest pain due to cold. With this you will start getting relief in a few hours.

Removes swelling of hands and feet

Ajwain should be heated in mustard oil (Concept Photo – Social Media)

If your hands and feet get swollen in winter. So you should heat it by putting carom seeds in mustard oil. After that massage your hands and feet.

benefit in headache

Ajwain also proves to be very beneficial in headache. You can consume ajwain with hot water in case of headache. Or if you make a celery bundle and smell it, you will still get the benefit.

Do not consume in excess

Do not consume ajwain in large quantity at all, due to consumption in excess quantity, some other disease can also catch you. Consume only half a teaspoon of celery in a day.



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