Ahmedabad: Global Education Public Conference hosted by Adani University concludes

Padma Vibhushan, Dr. Anil Kakodkar said, Development of new technology depends on creation of new knowledge. Therefore research and development is the main engine of the era of knowledge

Academics’ Reflections on Educational Change and Global Sustainability

Ahead of the start of the academic year 2022-23, Adani University recently hosted a Global Education Seminar. Exchanging new perspectives and new initiatives related to education The seminar was based on Educational Change and Global Sustainability. In this think tank a forum of eminent national and international academicians and industry experts from various fields participated in a forum to discuss the subject of change and transformation for the long term in education.

Adani University President Dr. Preeti G. Adani has given distinguished speakers Padma Vibhushan, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. Victoria Galen Muros, Chief Research and Analyst, UNESCO Higher Institute of International Education in the United States and the Caribbean, Dr. Arun Sharma, Vice Chancellor of Adani University, Prof. Provost of Adani University. . The seminar was initiated in the presence of Dr. M. Muruganant, eminent educationist, it panel members, industry dignitaries and students.

Padma Vibhushan, Dr. Anil Kakodkar said in the beginning of the discussion, development of new technology depends on creation of new knowledge. Therefore research and development is the main engine of the age of knowledge. The only knowledge that works provides knowledge. He said that when we talk about sustainable goals when we think about it only university has ended exploitation and will play an important role in strengthening human values. Of course it should be in line with technological empowerment. The key to eliminating inequality is the same for all. We strive to provide accessible quality higher education.

Addressing the presidency of the seminar, Dr. Preeti G. Adani, President, Adani University said, India is at the crossroads of the global supply chain, in line with the Prime Minister’s vision for Make in India and the world continuously. To achieve this goal our ability to expand human capital to educate and train new professionals will be of paramount importance. Professionally flexible, enterprising and volatile as well as an environment of uncertainty, in the meantime the world is set to flourish. We all firmly believe that the most important task of nation building is the development of human capital and Adani. The establishment of the University has provided us a unique opportunity to work in that direction.

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