After Twitter, now shadow crisis on Google, 10 thousand employees will be laid off!

New Delhi. The cloud of retrenchment on IT companies is not taking its name. meta , amazon, After Twitter and Salesforce, it is Google’s parent company Alphabet’s turn to lay off. It is believed that the company’s total workforce 6 Per cent equal employees can be removed from the job.

according to a report, Alphabet reportedly underperforms 10,000 employee or 6 Preparing to lay off 100% of its employees. According to a report, Google will give new ranking and performance improvement plan to the employees with poor performance. According to 10,000 Can lay off employees close to. Through the new performance management system, at the beginning of next year, thousands of such employees will be taken out whose performance is not good. Managers can use the ratings for these employees to award them bonuses And don’t have to give stock grant.

Close in company 1,87,000 employees work
Through this new system 6 percent ie 10,000 Employees have been asked to be kept in a separate category whose performance has not been good. close to alphabet 1,87,000 employees work. US Securities and Exchange Commission (sec) According to the filing, the average salary of an employee working in Alphabet 2,95,884 Dollar is.

Because of this ban on new hiring
Due to the crisis on the US economy and the fear of recession
2022 Alphabet’s profit in the third quarter of 27 percent down 13,9 billion dollars. while revenue 6 percentage increase 69,1 billion dollars. Recently, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai had said that he 20 Will make more percent. Through this statement, he had given indications of retrenchment. According to the report, some of the people who were fired were invited by Alphabet to apply for new roles in the company. 60 days have been given. Google has also banned new hiring.

Shivam Bangwal

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