After the bulldozer culture, now the naked attack on the journalists…!

Bhopal, By the way, the beginning of the bulldozer campaign was the invention of Yogi ji, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. By which the so-called rioters and mafia people were destined to give justice immediately. But the UP Police has learned from Madhya Pradesh about getting the journalists naked by the police for a public parade. In the neighboring district of Sidhi district, the example of making journalists and theater workers naked has been started by the Madhya Pradesh Police itself.

Yogi Adityanath had given authority to his government employees to destroy the buildings without notice and court orders. Later, to recover the property loss on a particular class of people, it was also given the right to levy fine on the entire population without any court action. It should be good for our Supreme Court that on imposing and collecting this fine, they said that here the government is accusing itself and is collecting the fine considering the crime itself as proved!

How can the government do all three things? He ordered the Yogi government to return the collected fine to those people from whom it was taken. Then the government servants in the districts in a hurry returned the amount of the fine collected from the public. The Supreme Court also ordered him to take this action legally. Well Yogi ji’s formula was also arrested in Madhya Pradesh by pelting stones on the procession on the occasion of Ram Navami in Khargone and some houses were also bulldozed.

Well, in a hurry, it was decided to constitute a tribunal on the directions of the Supreme Court. Whose perpetually retired judge will be there. But the Madhya Pradesh police, which was supposed to take legal action against the police personnel of Uttar Pradesh – started targeting journalists. In the industrial town adjacent to Vindhya’s Sidhi district, the police harassed some theater workers and four journalists not only because they were exposing the exploits of a BJP MLA, which angered the MLA. Therefore, the police of the police station, showing their barbaric form, not only beat them up and thrashed them a lot and took off all their clothes and paraded them naked on the road only in tights, but also presented in the same condition in the presence of the SHO. was done.

When the video of this incident became viral, then the next day the Additional Director General of Police of that area said that due to security, the accused are kept in the lock-up in such a condition that they do not hang themselves by making ropes from clothes. Now these bureaucrats should tell that can they treat women accused in the same way? But this police officer distanced himself on being asked again on this issue.

Well, on this incident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ordered both the police stationers to be present on the line. But shouldn’t this action be taken on the statement of both the SHOs and that Additional Director General of Police? Maybe no action will be taken. But this time the Uttar Pradesh Police has learned from Madhya Pradesh about making journalists go naked.

The news journalist of a local channel in Kanpur, Chandan Jaiswal, was publicly paraded by the police of Maharajpur police station by taking off all the clothes. At present, Yogi ji’s government has not taken any action on this act of the police. But can we say that we are living in the expense of a democratic country? Is this the rule of law? Or is this state carrying out its cruel and illegal intentions through its operatives? Do such incidents not bring disrepute to the government, does the leadership of the state want its citizens to be afraid and not afraid of the law but of the police? The question is important, the answer to which the citizens themselves will have to find out. If democracy is to survive, the law and civil rights have to be respected by all, whether it is a part of the government or an individual.

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