After all, how did it enter Delhi, why didn’t the ‘bomb plane’ go to Lahore? ’45 Screws’ at 45 Minutes

No one is embracing the flight from Tehran to China reaching Delhi. Defense experts OP Tiwari said that the plane was going from Iran to China, Delhi does not fall in its route. If it had to be landed, then Lahore was very close. Why didn’t he go to Lahore?

capital of iran Tehran In a passenger flight going from China to China, everyone’s hands and feet were swollen due to the information of the bomb. This plane hovered over the airspace of Delhi and Jaipur for 45 minutes. There are still many apprehensions about the plane. Was this plane hijacked or was there no conspiracy against India. OP Tiwari, an expert on defense matters, said that the decision taken by India was absolutely correct in view of the kind of situations that have arisen in the whole world. He told that after the 9/11 attack in America, PFI has been banned in India and the way the tension is going on between Ukraine-Russia-China. In view of all these things, every step has to be taken lightly.

Air Vice Marshal (R.) OP Tiwari said, ‘If there is a bomb or hijack in the plane, then the situation inside the aircraft is known from the messages of the pilot and crew members. That too if these two are not part of any conspiracy. After considering all these, any decision will be taken. Now this plane was going from Iran to China, Delhi does not fall in its route. If it had to be landed, then Lahore was very close. Why didn’t he go to Lahore? He said that why this Delhi came in the middle, it is a big doubt, it should be investigated.

There was a stir due to the information of the bomb in the plane

After the bomb threat on Monday morning, the Indian Air Force sent a Mahan Air passenger plane from Iran’s capital Tehran to Guangzhou, China, after it to its fighter plane to stop it. According to the statement, flight number W-581 was passing over Indian airspace. Indian fighter jets followed the flight to a safe distance after receiving information about a bomb threat in the W-581.

Why didn’t Chandigarh and Jaipur land?

The statement said that the aircraft was given the option of landing first at Jaipur and then at Chandigarh. However, the pilot said that he does not want to land the plane at either of the airports. Actually, a bomb was reported in this plane. After which this plane wanted to land in Delhi. But permission was not given.

Delhi Police Alert

Meanwhile, a senior Delhi Police official said, “We received information from ATC about a bomb threat on a flight from Tehran to China, after which we started making necessary preparations, but soon ATC told us that this plane Not landing in Delhi. People aware of the developments said that the Delhi ATC had received information from the Lahore ATC that a bomb threat was reported in a Mahan Air plane. After this Delhi ATC informed the pilot of the concerned aircraft and gave him the option to land in India, but the pilot decided to continue the flight.


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